EVERPV is a European Horizon research project that unites 16 partners and aims to study the recycling of photovoltaic panels by combining the most advanced technologies available. On the one hand, many solar panels made of high-quality materials require a disposal plan. On the other hand, Europe is facing material supply problems that may impact its energy sovereignty. EVERPV will address both issues by developing innovative and efficient recycling routes that allow panel materials to be recovered and reused with high purity.

In particular, the objectives of the project are:

  • Demonstration and optimization of the abrasion process developed by CEA for the delamination of photovoltaic panels
  • Demonstration and optimization of the IR process developed by ENEA for the delamination of photovoltaic panels
  • Validation of recovery with high purity of the materials present in the solar panel
  • Demonstrate the reusability of recovered materials

9-Tech actively participates in the project not only by supporting with its own experience the development of the two technologies studied but also by evaluating whether these can be integrated with its own 9PV thermomechanical process.

For this reason, tests will be carried out in the experimental plant on samples sent by ENEA and CEA from which the backsheet has been removed using abrasion and IR technology.

The project is of great interest for 9-Tech because, in the event that the integration proves favorable, one of the technologies could in the future be integrated with the new industrial panel treatment line.

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